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    Michael Sidgmore is a Partner at Broadhaven Ventures, where he focuses on sourcing, investing, and managing investments into early-stage FinTech companies globally.


    Michael has led Broadhaven Ventures' investments into Liveoak Technologies (Acq. by DocuSign - Seed, Board Director / Observer), Credijusto (Seed, Board Director / Observer & Advisor), Nowports (Seed, Board Director), Kovi (Seed, Advisor), Harvest (Seed, Board Observer & Advisor), Starship HSA (Seed, Board Director), Kyash (Series C), and Beam Solutions (Series A). Other Broadhaven Ventures investments include Carta, MoneyLion, and BioCatch.


    Michael is also a Venture Partner at Goodwater Capital, a next generation venture capital firm. Goodwater's investments include Toss, Monzo, Stash, Tide, Kyash, ZeroDown, Xendit, Dosh, EverlyWell, and others.

    He has spent his career as a financial technology investor and operator focused on the financial services infrastructure, wealth management, and specialty finance sectors. Prior to Broadhaven Ventures, he was a pre-product employee and SVP at iCapital Network, where he helped build the family office and RIA networks of the online investment platform that has over $46 billion in assets and has received $200 million in funding from investors including BlackRock, Blackstone, Carlyle, and Goldman Sachs. Prior to iCapital Network, Michael was the first sales hire and Director of Institutional Investments at Mosaic, a financing platform for solar loans that has originated over $1 billion in loans and has received $300 million in funding from Warburg Pincus. He was formerly an investment professional with Goldman Sachs' Principal Strategic Investments Group in London, a direct investing team focused on market structure and financial technology.


    Michael is also the Founder and Managing Member of M4Fund and Sixth Man Capital, investment vehicles dedicated to partnering with and investing in innovative financial technology companies that are reimagining the future of finance. Michael was the Founder of NextGenEngage, an organization that educated the next generation of impact investors.


    Michael is a frequent speaker and writer on the subjects of financial technology platforms, wealth management technology, venture capital, cryptoassest investing, impact investing, and next-generation wealth topics. He has written for the Guardian and has spoken at conferences that include Money 20/20 USA, Lendit, Benzinga Fintech Summit, Citywire, FOX Family Office Exchange, Campden Family Office Conference, and US SIF - The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, amongst others.


    Michael is the Founder and Chief Podcaster at Let's Humanize Finance, an interview series that takes you inside the minds of entrepreneurs and innovators behind the FinTech revolution who are changing how we interact with money.


    Michael graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in International Relations and was the Chairman and President of the LSE Alternative Investments Conference, the world's largest student conference on hedge funds and private equity. In 2012, Michael was selected to be a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Michael held the FINRA Series 7 and 63 licenses. Michael is passionate about finding and building solutions that can positively impact finance and people's financial lives - and provide consumers with access to capital, solve issues of financial inclusion and financial wellness, and create a more transparent and efficient financial system.

  • ~ Articles ~


    We are surprisingly bad at planning for the deaths of ourselves and our loved ones. And we often put off planning for the inevitable until it’s too late.


    Farewill has brought dealing with death into the modern age with an end-to-end process, and they’ve done so in a way that allows people to confront death in a way that positively impacts them and their loved ones, both emotionally and financially.


    Ride hailing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Didi Chuxing have unlocked an economic opportunity with the push of a button on a smartphone. In countries like Brazil, participation in the ride hailing economy is hindered by the fact that only 20% of Brazil's population owns a car. Kovi, a managed car rental marketplace for on-demand drivers, helps solve for the lack of car ownership and unlock economic opportunity for a large pool of potential drivers who otherwise would not be able to participate in the gig economy.


    Fundraising is possibly one of the hardest things that an entrepreneur has to do. It’s also one of the most important.


    This Medium post will be the first of a three-part series that will cover questions that entrepreneurs can ask their prospective VCs about their funds, how they think about board dynamics, and how they add value post-investment.

    The Guardian

    With a $41tn wealth transfer from baby boomers to millennials comes hope for a shift towards addressing the world's biggest problems.

    In the first of a new series in the Guardian about millennials and sustainable finance, Michael Sidgmore talks profit with purpose.

    The Guardian

    Peer-to-peer marketplaces have leveraged what venture capitalist Bill Gurley calls the "connective tissue of the internet" to bring us closer together. Some of today's marketplace businesses are now multi-billion dollar enterprises toppling the traditional incumbents in their respective industries.

    While much has been discussed about why and how marketplace businesses are great business models, what is less often discussed is how marketplace business models can help solve some of the world's biggest problems.


  • In this episode of TEARSHEET, Micheal Sidgmore of Broadhaven Ventures talks to Suman Bhattacharyya about the diversity of pain points fintech companies are solving for globally and the evolution of the embedded finance paradigms among its portfolio companies and beyond.

    In this episode of Crossing Borders, Nathan Lustig, Managing Partner at Magma Partners, sits down with Michael in Mexico City to talk about his background and what led him to do venture capital in Latin America. They also cover some of the biggest trends in Latin American fintechs and how these compare to Asia and the US.

    In this episode of the Boost VC Podcast, Michael talks with Boost VC's Founder and Managing Director, Adam Draper.


    Adam and Michael cover a broad range of topics including how an early-stage VC is a lot like Shane Battier or Andre Iguodala in the role as the sixth man; his path to Broadhaven Ventures that included interning at literacy non-profit, Room to Read, while playing with a semi-pro soccer team in the UK; measuring impact and defining success; fintech's ability to make a profit and impact the lives of individuals to facilitate growth of the middle class in emerging markets; the evolution of fintech; the fintech emerging market opportunities; big brands becoming the fintech companies; the role of the VC, and how Broadhaven Ventures is building out their team to provide further value to it's portfolio companies.

    Rebank is a visionary podcast about banking, fintech, and the future. Listened to in over 150 countries by hundreds of thousands of industry leaders.


    In this episode of Rebank, Michael talks to Rebank Founder, Will Beeson, about the Latam Market, SMB Platforms, the Gig Economy and Broadhaven Ventures.


  • Some conferences where Michael has spoken - or will be speaking - about venture capital investing and finance.

    Moderator: Non-Fintechs Becoming Fintechs

    A discussion about how LatAm's biggest fintechs will start out as non-fintechs with Jon Lewy (Grow Mobility), Mate Pencz (Loft) and Alfonso de los Rios (Nowports)

    Panelist: FinTech Investors

    A panel of FinTech investors discuss the latest trends in FinTech investing.

    Panelist: Venture Capital dives deep into Latin America

    Vc's discuss the quest for innovation in an undiscovered ecosystem.

    The Startup Conference

    June 2019

    Panelist: Investor Panel

    The 3 startups selected by the audience in the morning will be back to pitch to the investor panelists.

    LendIt Fintech USA

    April 2019

    Moderator: A New Gig for Financial Services: Delivering Financial Stability to a Changing Workforce

    A discussion with Trevor Branon, Co-Founder and President of Qwil, Matthias Halimi, Co-Founder and COO of house of gigs, and Loni Manhanta, VP, Public Policy Development of Lyft.

    Kansas City Techweek

    Oct 2018

    Panelist: "Venture Capital - Midwest vs. The World: East Cost, West Coast and No Coast"



    The Partners Summit

    Oct 2018

    Panelist: "The Next5: Technology Trends"

    COO Ed Swenson leads panelists through a discussion of technology trends over the Next5.

    Venture Capital panel, moderated by Gené Teare, Head of Content at Crunchbase, talking about how they approach investing and the verticals they are focused on.

    BlockFin Summit

    April 2018

    Moderator: "Investing in Cryptofunds"

    In the last year, we have seen more than 100 funds launch. Hear from professional fund investors on how they evaluate managers and what they look for before allocating.

    Panelist: "ICO Versus Venture Funding"

    Learn about the differences between ICO and Venture Funding from investors.

    Citywire Miami

    November 2017

    Demystifying the world of cryptocurrencies and cryptoasset funds.

    NYU Stern FinTech

    November 2017

    Panelist: "VC - Startup Partnerships"


    FinTech Silicon Valley

    September 2017

    Panelist: "What are the differences between FinTech investors in Silicon Valley & New York?"

    A panel of FinTech investors discuss the pluses and minuses of investment in Silicon Valley versus New York.

    FinTech Silicon Valley

    September 2017

    CCC Alliance

    Moderator: Blockchain aka Cryptographic Distributed Ledgers - The Future of Finance?

    This discussion will seek to explore answers to questions about Blockchain. Blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin is rapidly gaining traction in the world of mainstream finance. But what will these new developments actually mean for the practice of finance?

    Bloomberg Alternative Investments Conference

    Panelist: Texan Angels interviewed by Jason Kelly, Managing Editor, Bloomberg Link

    This session looked to evaluate angel investing trends across the US. Is Angel Investing here to stay?

  • Some conferences where Michael has spoken on the topics of Family Offices and NextGens.


    Matter Family Office

    Featured Entrepreneur: Build a Career Worth Having

    The Ignite Matter Family Office Conferences are an experience that provides inspiration, skills, and connections to help shape a meaningful, purpose-driven career. Entrepreneurs lead and facilitate all the sessions.

    FOX Wealth Advisor Forum

    Coral Gables

    Panelist: Generating New Value: Innovation in Engaging Millennials

    To help advisors in the design, development and delivery of meaningful and dynamic products, services and processes that are uniquely positioned for the next generation of wealth owners, this panel will engage in a candid discourse to identify what needs to be done strategically to meet the emerging needs of the inheriting generation.


    The Family Wealth Alliance

    Fall Forum

    Panelist: Family Succession & Leadership

    Lead by Leslie Voth of Pitcairn this special session will explore family succession and leadership.

    FOX Family Office Exchange

    Panelist: "The Client of the Future: Experience, Expectations and Engagement

    Family Office Exchange has been leading the charge to examine the 3Es: Experience, Expectations and Engagement of the new and emerging clients of the future and how their perception of the world will ultimately impact the relationship between themselves, other family members, family office executives and advisors with whom they will ... or won't ... engage.

  • Some conferences where Michael has spoken about impact investing and philanthropy.

    London School of Economics

    Graduation Ceremony

    Speaker: LSE Alumni Commencement Speaker

    Alumni Commencement Speaker at the 2015 London School of Economics graduation ceremony on the topic of "make life worth living" ... finding something that lies at the intersection of what you love - passion - and what you do in a focused way - purpose.


    Campden North American Family Office Conference

    Moderator: Impact Investing in Practice

    This panel will present case studies of family led impact investing. Subjects such as the rationale for adopting an impact investment program, deciding on the approach and the monitoring of investments will be explored.

    US SIF

    Markets, Mission & Materiality

    Moderator: "Doing Good and Making Money: The Millennial Effect and Sustainable Investing

    Over the next 40 years, Generation X and the Millennial Generation will potentially inherit an estimated $41 trillion from the Baby Boomer Generation. This panel provided insights on the attitudes and goals of Generation X and Generation Y investors and how they are investing differently than their parents and prior generations."

    Unreasonable Institute

    Funders Boot Camp

    Presenter and Founding Sponsor: Funders Boot Camp

    A one day event designed to educate investors on how to make a direct investment into an impact-focused business. Topics included setting your investment thesis / strategy, sourcing deals, due diligence, structuring deals, investing with others,  and supporting your investment.

  • Let's Humanize Finance is an interview series that aims to bring to life the backgrounds and aspirations of these daring entrepreneurs who are trying to change how we interact with money and change how we live our lives.


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